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Belfast | Northern Ireland

Fly daily to Belfast City with Aer Lingus and up to 6 days a week to Belfast International Airport with easyJet.

Belfast is an exciting, vibrant city that has really upped its game in recent years. Pretty much at the top of the list for all visitors is the outstanding Titanic Belfast attraction which extends over nine interactive galleries, with multiple dimensions to the exhibition, drawing together special effects, dark rides, full-scale reconstructions and interactive features.


Explore the shipyard, travel to the depths of the ocean and uncover the true legend of Titanic, in the city where it all began. Channel your inner Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio from the smash-hit movie and step aboard the nearby SS Nomadic, the steamship which ferried the First Class passengers to the doomed ocean liner.


Belfast also makes a good base for exploring the coast and countryside of Northern Ireland. The Giant’s Causeway – Northern Ireland’s only Unesco World Heritage Site – is about 100km north of the city. Immersedin myth and legend, you can soak up the atmosphere and get a bird’s eye view if you take a walk on one of the clifftop trails. The Grand Causeway is the largest of three rock outcrops which make up the Giant’s Causeway and there’s also the Wishing Chair, a natural throne formed from a perfectly arranged set of columns.



Fans of Game of Thrones, meanwhile, flock to Belfast to seek out places that featured in the hit HBO series. Over 10-year production period, much of it was filmed in the Titanic Studios and across Northern Ireland.

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Flight Information

Belfast City Airport | BHD

Flight Time:
1 hour 39 mins

easyJet & Aer Lingus

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Belfast

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
09:15 10:50 BHD Aer Lingus EI3601 15/05/24-15/04/25
09:15 10:55 BHD Aer Lingus EI3601 27/10/24-29/03/25
10:00 11:45 BHD British Airways BA8891 25/05/24-26/10/24
10:00 11:45 BHD Aer Lingus EI3603 25/05/24-12/04/25
15:40 17:20 BHD British Airways BA8975 11/06/24-29/03/25
15:40 17:20 BHD Aer Lingus EI3605 11/06/24-15/04/25
19:25 21:00 BHD British Airways BA8917 15/05/24-28/03/25
19:25 21:00 BHD Aer Lingus EI3607 15/05/24-15/04/25

Flights arriving from Belfast

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
07:00 08:45 BHD Aer Lingus EI3600 15/05/24-15/04/25
07:45 09:30 BHD British Airways BA8890 25/05/24-26/10/24
07:45 09:30 BHD Aer Lingus EI3602 25/05/24-12/04/25
13:30 15:10 BHD British Airways BA8974 11/06/24-29/03/25
13:30 15:10 BHD Aer Lingus EI3604 11/06/24-15/04/25
17:20 18:55 BHD British Airways BA8916 15/05/24-28/03/25
17:20 18:55 BHD Aer Lingus EI3606 15/05/24-15/04/25

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