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Cosmopolitan, grand and always up for the craic, Belfast is a city of quarters, each one waiting to be discovered. From the Titanic Quarter to the buzzing Cathedral Quarter, Queens to Gaeltacht, fly to Belfast from Southampton Airport and spend time getting to know all of Northern Ireland’s largest city.

From its pedigree as a historical shipbuilding city to its history as a politically divided one, Belfast is also a city of music and festivals. Home to the stunning Queen’s University Belfast and the Grand Opera House, there’s plenty to explore.

Getting There

Fly into George Best Belfast City airport from Southampton with Eastern Airways. With an average flight time of 1hour 25 minutes, it’s only 3 miles from the city centre, and has car hire desks, taxis, bus and train information.

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You can book all your Belfast tours and attractions in advance with our partner Get Your Guide.

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Activities in Belfast

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Belfast

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
07:00 08:35 BHD Eastern Airways T3840 22/06/22-22/05/23
10:00 11:35 BHD Eastern Airways T3842 22/12/22-26/12/22
11:25 12:55 BHD Flybe BE984 15/09/22-22/05/23
11:30 13:05 BHD Eastern Airways T3840 18/03/23-18/03/23
12:35 14:05 BHD Flybe BE984 28/07/22-14/09/22
12:45 14:20 BHD Eastern Airways T3844 26/06/22-21/05/23
16:45 18:20 BHD Eastern Airways T3846 22/06/22-22/05/23
19:40 21:10 BHD Flybe BE988 15/09/22-22/05/23

Flights arriving from Belfast

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
09:10 10:45 BHD Eastern Airways T3841 22/06/22-22/05/23
09:30 10:55 BHD Flybe BE983 15/09/22-22/05/23
10:40 12:05 BHD Flybe BE983 28/07/22-14/09/22
12:10 13:45 BHD Eastern Airways T3843 22/12/22-26/12/22
13:40 15:15 BHD Eastern Airways T3841 18/03/23-18/03/23
14:55 16:30 BHD Eastern Airways T3845 26/06/22-21/05/23
17:45 19:10 BHD Flybe BE987 15/09/22-22/05/23
18:55 20:30 BHD Eastern Airways T3847 22/06/22-22/05/23
18:55 20:30 BHD Eastern Airways T3849 26/06/22-04/09/22

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