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Electric Car Parking Spaces

Electric car charging points

Pod Point Electric car charging points are located in both the short stay and priority car parks.

Location of charging points

There are four charging units located on the first floor of the short stay car park, just to the right of the ramp which takes you up to the first floor. Two charging points are located in the priority car park at the rear near the exit barriers.

How to use them

If you would like to use our electric car charging points you can either turn up at our short stay or priority car parks where you will pay the roll-up rate for the duration of your stay, perfect if you just want to charge your vehicle for an hour or so while you enjoy a cup of coffee. Alternatively, you can pre-book either short or priority parking online at least two hours in advance. Once you have located a space, plug in your car and use the Pod Point app to access unlimited charging.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of our car charging units.