Lost Property

If you lose items whilst you are at the airport, please go to the lost property desk by the check-in area. If you discover you have lost items once you have left the airport please contact us by completing the lost property enquiry form below (we will endeavor to respond to lost property enquiries within 24 hours).

For any items left on arriving flights please contact lost property by completing the enquiry form below. If you discover you have left an item on your departing flight please contact the lost property at your destination airport.

Please be advised that a £5.00 service and storage charge per item is applicable for items not collected from the lost property desk on the same day that they were handed in.

Please note: if you have lost anything on an aircraft departing from Southampton please contact your airline immediately.

If you would like to enquire about an item of lost property please fill out the following form:

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Your privacy: We will use this information to communicate with you by email or telephone regarding your lost property case. More generally, our privacy statement explains how we may use the information you provide to us, the reasons we rely on to do so and the rights you have under data protection legislation.