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Welcome to Glasgow, Scotland’s city of style. It’s the largest city in Scotland, set on the river Clyde and home to world-class everything. From attractions to museums and galleries, eateries, artists and more, breeze through to Glasgow from Southampton Airport and you’ll also have one of the best city centre shopping experiences in the UK at your feet. 

A UNESCO City of Music, Glasgow is famous for its celebrated buildings by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the amazing free art on show at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and of course, the magnificent Glasgow Cathedral.

Find retail therapy in the Style Mile of Sauchiehall, Buchanan and Argyle Streets, head to the West End to soak up the maritime atmosphere of the fantastic Zaha Hadid-designed Riverside Museum or venture into the wild beauty of Loch Lomond just outside the city. 

Wherever your downtime takes you, Glasgow has a wealth of fun stuff to discover. Hop on a sightseer bus and start admiring the view.

Getting there

Loganair will offer three daily flights from Southampton Airport to Glasgow from 30th March 2020. The airport is eight miles west of the city centre and just two minutes from Paisley, the place to catch a regular train into the centre of Glasgow. 

Transport from Glasgow Airport

The Glasgow Shuttle and Air Link buses also run frequently into the city and you’ll find plenty of metered taxis on hand, 24 hours a day or you can book your taxi in advance. Car rentals can also be booked in advance, too and you’ll find all the car rental desks at the airport if you want to explore further afield.

Book tours and attractions

You can book all your Glasgow tours and attractions in advance with our partner Get Your Guide.

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Activities in Glasgow

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Glasgow

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
08:40 10:00 GLA Loganair LM492 17/09/20-16/08/21
10:55 12:15 GLA Loganair LM494 23/05/21-15/08/21
11:45 13:05 GLA Loganair LM492 21/12/20-07/01/21
11:55 13:15 GLA Loganair LM492 19/09/20-24/10/20
12:00 13:20 GLA Loganair LM494 03/04/21-14/08/21
12:35 13:55 GLA Loganair LM492 18/09/20-27/03/21
12:35 13:55 GLA Loganair LM494 29/03/21-16/08/21
15:50 17:10 GLA Loganair LM496 20/09/20-21/03/21
15:55 17:15 GLA Loganair LM496 28/12/20-04/01/21
16:00 17:25 GLA Loganair LM496 29/03/21-16/08/21
17:00 18:25 GLA Loganair LM496 28/03/21-15/08/21
19:00 20:20 GLA Loganair LM496 21/12/20-08/01/21
19:00 20:20 GLA Loganair LM498 16/09/20-26/03/21
19:40 21:00 GLA Loganair LM498 20/09/20-21/03/21
19:50 21:00 GLA Loganair LM498 27/12/20-27/12/20
19:50 21:15 GLA Loganair LM498 28/03/21-16/08/21

Flights arriving from Glasgow

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:45 08:10 GLA Loganair LM491 29/03/21-16/08/21
06:50 08:10 GLA Loganair LM491 17/09/20-27/03/21
09:00 10:25 GLA Loganair LM493 23/05/21-15/08/21
09:55 11:15 GLA Loganair LM491 21/12/20-07/01/21
10:00 11:20 GLA Loganair LM491 19/09/20-24/10/20
10:05 11:30 GLA Loganair LM493 03/04/21-14/08/21
10:35 12:00 GLA Loganair LM493 29/03/21-16/08/21
14:00 15:20 GLA Loganair LM495 20/09/20-21/03/21
14:00 15:25 GLA Loganair LM495 29/03/21-16/08/21
15:00 16:25 GLA Loganair LM495 28/03/21-15/08/21
17:10 18:30 GLA Loganair LM497 16/09/20-26/03/21
17:50 19:10 GLA Loganair LM497 20/09/20-21/03/21
17:50 19:15 GLA Loganair LM497 28/03/21-16/08/21

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