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Welcome to majestic Edinburgh, a city of cobbles, elegant Georgian façades and an internationally renowned arts calendar.  A compact city, Edinburgh is easy to find your way around on two feet. From the view high above on Arthur’s Seat to the decks of the Royal Yacht Britannia you can pack a lot into a short break here. Breeze through to Edinburgh from Southampton airport and take in Scotland’s great capital.

Head to the old hangman’s spot of The Grassmarket directly below Edinburgh Castle and for the city’s most fashionable shops, bars and eateries with a distinctly medieval atmosphere. Spend time royally in Holyrood House, go on an open-top bus tour or take a free guided tour of the National Museum of Scotland. Edinburgh is a city with a little something for everyone.

Visit in August and you’ll be entertained morning, noon and night with the Festival. But at any time of the year, you can lose yourself in the Old Town wynds, linger over a wee dram in the cosy pubs of Cockburn Street or tuck into the catch of the day at one of Leith’s waterfront restaurants.

Getting there

Loganair will offer up to four daily flights to Edinburgh from 4th May 2020.

Transport from Edinburgh Airport

The gateway to the Lothians, pick up a hire car, book a taxi or choose from a variety of public transport options to get you to the heart of the city.

Book tours and attractions

You can book all your Edinburgh tours and attractions in advance with our partner Get Your Guide.

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Activities in Edinburgh

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Edinburgh

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
08:45 10:10 EDI Loganair LM322 29/03/21-30/10/21
08:45 10:10 EDI Blue Islands SI7322 29/03/21-24/01/22
08:45 10:10 EDI British Airways BA4102 29/03/21-30/10/21
08:50 10:20 EDI British Airways BA2900 31/10/21-31/10/21
09:00 10:30 EDI British Airways BA2900 16/05/21-24/10/21
11:50 13:15 EDI Loganair LM324 29/03/21-25/10/21
11:50 13:15 EDI Blue Islands SI7324 29/03/21-24/01/22
11:50 13:15 EDI British Airways BA4104 29/03/21-25/10/21
12:20 13:40 EDI Loganair LM324 28/03/21-30/10/21
12:20 13:40 EDI British Airways BA4104 28/03/21-30/10/21
12:20 13:40 EDI Blue Islands SI7324 28/03/21-23/01/22
16:00 17:25 EDI Loganair LM326 28/03/21-29/10/21
16:00 17:25 EDI Blue Islands SI7326 28/03/21-24/01/22
16:00 17:25 EDI British Airways BA4106 28/03/21-29/10/21
19:40 21:00 EDI Loganair LM498 01/03/21-26/03/21
19:40 21:00 EDI British Airways BA4088 01/03/21-26/03/21
19:40 21:00 EDI Blue Islands SI7498 01/03/21-26/03/21
19:55 21:20 EDI Blue Islands SI7328 28/03/21-24/01/22
19:55 21:20 EDI British Airways BA4108 28/03/21-29/10/21
19:55 21:20 EDI Loganair LM328 28/03/21-29/10/21

Flights arriving from Edinburgh

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:50 08:15 EDI Blue Islands SI7321 29/03/21-24/01/22
06:50 08:15 EDI British Airways BA4101 29/03/21-30/10/21
06:50 08:15 EDI Loganair LM321 29/03/21-30/10/21
09:55 11:20 EDI Blue Islands SI7323 29/03/21-24/01/22
09:55 11:20 EDI Loganair LM323 29/03/21-25/10/21
09:55 11:20 EDI British Airways BA4103 29/03/21-25/10/21
10:30 11:50 EDI Blue Islands SI7323 28/03/21-23/01/22
10:30 11:50 EDI Loganair LM323 28/03/21-30/10/21
10:30 11:50 EDI British Airways BA4103 28/03/21-30/10/21
14:00 15:25 EDI British Airways BA4105 28/03/21-29/10/21
14:00 15:25 EDI Blue Islands SI7325 28/03/21-24/01/22
14:00 15:25 EDI Loganair LM325 28/03/21-29/10/21
17:50 19:10 EDI Blue Islands SI7497 25/02/21-26/03/21
17:50 19:10 EDI Loganair LM497 01/03/21-26/03/21
17:50 19:10 EDI British Airways BA4087 01/03/21-26/03/21
18:00 19:25 EDI British Airways BA4107 28/03/21-29/10/21
18:00 19:25 EDI Loganair LM327 28/03/21-29/10/21
18:00 19:25 EDI Blue Islands SI7327 28/03/21-24/01/22
19:15 20:50 EDI British Airways BA2939 14/05/21-29/10/21

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