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Welcome to Newcastle, the vibrant capital of northeast England. A city celebrated as much for its nightlife as for its friendly Geordie welcome, Newcastle welcomes visitors with as arms as open wide as its iconic statue, the Angel of the North. Breeze through Southampton airport and fly to Newcastle in a little over an hour. It’s a great place to spend a weekend, or set off into the far reaches of northeast England.

Set on the spectacular River Tyne, you’ve got Newcastle on the north bank and Gateshead on the south bank. Together Newcastle Gateshead has culture, heritage, shopping, museums, award-winning dining, sport and that nightlight in leaps and bounds.

It’s here you’ll find more theatres per person than anywhere in the UK. Take in the regional home of the Royal Shakespeare Company, enjoy the latest shows, concerts and tributes at the Metro Radio Arena as well as The Sage Gateshead.

But if the city gets too much, just down the road you’ll find mile after mile of stunning coastline – and some of the UK's best beaches.

Getting there

Fly to Newcastle with Eastern Airways or Loganair (Loganair from 23rd March 2020). Great for business, weekends and more, the airport is just 6 miles out of the city centre.

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Transport from Newcastle Airport 

Fly in and pick up a hire car, or travel into the city centre by Metro, bus, train or taxi. Or get your own chauffeur; there are plenty of ways to get around Tyne & Wear.

Book tours and attractions

You can book all your Newcastle tours and attractions in advance with our partner Get Your Guide.

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Activities in Newcastle

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Newcastle

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
08:30 09:40 NCL British Airways BA4004 22/06/22-24/03/23
08:30 09:40 NCL Blue Islands SI7034 22/06/22-24/03/23
08:30 09:40 NCL Loganair LM534 22/06/22-24/03/23
09:30 10:40 NCL British Airways BA4004 25/06/22-25/03/23
09:30 10:40 NCL Blue Islands SI7034 25/06/22-25/03/23
09:30 10:40 NCL Loganair LM534 25/06/22-25/03/23
19:40 20:50 NCL British Airways BA4018 22/06/22-24/03/23
19:40 20:50 NCL Blue Islands SI7040 22/06/22-24/03/23
19:40 20:50 NCL Loganair LM540 22/06/22-24/03/23
20:40 21:50 NCL British Airways BA4018 26/06/22-19/03/23
20:40 21:50 NCL Blue Islands SI7040 26/06/22-19/03/23
20:40 21:50 NCL Loganair LM540 26/06/22-19/03/23

Flights arriving from Newcastle

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:45 08:00 NCL British Airways BA4003 22/06/22-24/03/23
06:45 08:00 NCL Blue Islands SI7033 22/06/22-24/03/23
06:45 08:00 NCL Loganair LM533 22/06/22-24/03/23
07:45 09:00 NCL British Airways BA4003 25/06/22-25/03/23
07:45 09:00 NCL Blue Islands SI7033 25/06/22-25/03/23
07:45 09:00 NCL Loganair LM533 25/06/22-25/03/23
17:55 19:10 NCL British Airways BA4011 22/06/22-24/03/23
17:55 19:10 NCL Blue Islands SI7039 22/06/22-24/03/23
17:55 19:10 NCL Loganair LM539 22/06/22-24/03/23
18:55 20:10 NCL British Airways BA4011 26/06/22-19/03/23
18:55 20:10 NCL Blue Islands SI7039 26/06/22-19/03/23
18:55 20:10 NCL Loganair LM539 26/06/22-19/03/23

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