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Bienvenue to Geneva, the chic city with two sides - one French and one Swiss. Sleek enough for a weekend break, Geneva is big for business and perfect for its proximity to some seriously good skiing in the nearby Alps. Breeze through Southampton airport and fly to Geneva in less than two hours - and enjoy this little city with a big personality.

First time visitors will love the elegance of Lake Geneva and its fountain, and there’s plenty to explore in the Old Town too, with its winding back streets and medieval architecture. Take a river taxi, tuck into the chocolate shops, gaze at the luxury jewellery and watch emporiums or simply head straight to the slopes.

Winter is big business in Geneva. With so many world class resorts to choose from, fly in from Southampton and the Alps are at your feet. From the beautiful Portes du Soleil to ChamonixVal d’Isere to VerbierZermatt to Gstaad, there’s so much Alps to whizz down.

Getting there

In winter, fly to Geneva airport from Southampton in just under two hours with easyJet.

The terminal has a French and a Swiss side, so when it comes to picking up a hire car, make sure you’ve done your homework and know which way you’re headed. Some travellers swear it’s easier to negotiate the roads from the French side, and others disagree, but however you arrive there are plenty of ways to get around.

The airport is served by both the TPG (Geneva public transport) and the CFF (Federal Railways) trains. Taxis are available and there are plenty of ranks across the city but beware, you’ll need very deep pockets. You can also book your taxi or transfer in advance

Heading for the white stuff and want to minimise your driving time and maximise your mountain time? You’ll need this useful distance calculator.

Book tours and attractions

You can book all your Geneva tours and attractions in advance with our partner Get Your Guide.

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Activities in Geneva

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Geneva

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
07:15 09:45 GVA easyJet EZY1584 09/12/23-30/03/24
07:55 10:25 GVA easyJet EZY1584 15/12/23-29/03/24
12:00 14:30 GVA easyJet EZY1586 19/12/23-26/03/24
12:35 15:05 GVA easyJet EZY1584 14/12/23-28/03/24
15:35 18:15 GVA easyJet EZY1586 17/12/23-24/03/24
16:20 19:00 GVA easyJet EZY8860 16/12/23-16/12/23
16:20 19:00 GVA easyJet EZY8860 23/12/23-30/03/24
17:30 20:10 GVA easyJet EZY1586 20/01/24-17/02/24

Flights arriving from Geneva

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:00 06:45 GVA easyJet EZY1583 09/12/23-30/03/24
06:30 07:15 GVA easyJet EZY1583 15/12/23-29/03/24
10:05 10:50 GVA easyJet EZY1585 19/12/23-26/03/24
11:10 11:55 GVA easyJet EZY1583 14/12/23-28/03/24
14:20 15:05 GVA easyJet EZY1585 17/12/23-24/03/24
14:55 15:40 GVA easyJet EZY8859 16/12/23-16/12/23
14:55 15:40 GVA easyJet EZY8859 23/12/23-30/03/24
15:15 16:00 GVA easyJet EZY1585 20/01/24-17/02/24

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