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Welcome to Manchester, the perfect city break destination.

Set in the heart of North West England, Manchester is one of the most vibrant cities in the UK. Offering great value for money, the city welcomes visitors from all over the world with its fine traditions of culture, music, sport and top class events.

Whether you are looking for a cultural break, full of historic homes, art galleries and museums, a pampering holiday with spa treatments, locally sourced food and beautiful landscaped gardens or a day out with the family, going behind the scenes at a football stadium, sliding down giant snow slopes or learning about the city’s heritage, Manchester has it all.

With so many cultures rubbing shoulders with each other, it’s no surprise that Manchester has a great reputation for food and drink. You’ll find cuisine from practically every nation and to suit any budget, from high-class dining to top-notch takeaways.

A visit to Manchester would not be complete without exploring some of the top bars, clubs and meeting places. Each area of Manchester boasts their own unique style and collection of bars, pubs and nightclubs. Whether you want to sip on cocktails in Spinningfields, drink local brewed ales in the Northern Quarter or a night on the tiles in Castlefield, there is something for every taste and pocket.

Getting there

Fly direct to Manchester from Southampton Airport with Eastern Airways. Whether it’s a weekend trip, holiday or for business, it is super easy to fly local. 

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Transport from Manchester Airport

Once you arrive at Manchester Airport, it is only a 14 minute journey into the city via a direct train, or a 25 minute taxi or car drive. You can pre-book your taxi or car hire in advance. 

Manchester’s Metroshuttle, is a free bus service that connects you from the train stations to key accommodation, retail areas and attractions. There is also the Metrolink tram network to take you around the city centre and Greater Manchester districts.

Book tours and attractions

You can book all your Manchester tours and attractions in advance with our partner Get Your Guide.

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Activities in Manchester

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Manchester

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
06:45 07:55 MAN Loganair LM2106 24/02/21-26/10/21
06:45 07:55 MAN Eastern Airways T3800 29/03/21-24/01/22
06:45 07:55 MAN Blue Islands SI1106 07/06/21-24/01/22
07:45 08:55 MAN Blue Islands SI1114 12/06/21-22/01/22
07:45 08:55 MAN Loganair LM2114 03/04/21-23/10/21
07:45 08:55 MAN Loganair LM2106 27/02/21-27/03/21
10:20 11:30 MAN Blue Islands SI1118 13/06/21-23/01/22
10:20 11:30 MAN Loganair LM2118 28/03/21-24/10/21
11:30 12:40 MAN Eastern Airways T3802 22/03/21-26/03/21
14:40 15:50 MAN Blue Islands SI1124 07/06/21-24/01/22
14:40 15:50 MAN Loganair LM2124 29/03/21-01/09/21
16:00 17:10 MAN Blue Islands SI1130 12/06/21-22/01/22
16:00 17:10 MAN Loganair LM2130 03/04/21-23/10/21
18:10 19:20 MAN Blue Islands SI1148 07/06/21-24/01/22
18:10 19:20 MAN Loganair LM2148 24/02/21-26/10/21
18:30 19:40 MAN Loganair LM2148 28/02/21-21/03/21
18:30 19:40 MAN Eastern Airways T3806 28/03/21-24/01/22

Flights arriving from Manchester

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
08:30 09:35 MAN Eastern Airways T3801 29/03/21-24/01/22
08:35 09:45 MAN Blue Islands SI1107 07/06/21-24/01/22
08:35 09:45 MAN Loganair LM2107 24/02/21-26/10/21
09:35 10:45 MAN Blue Islands SI1115 12/06/21-22/01/22
09:35 10:45 MAN Loganair LM2115 03/04/21-23/10/21
09:35 10:45 MAN Loganair LM2107 27/02/21-27/03/21
12:10 13:20 MAN Blue Islands SI1119 13/06/21-23/01/22
12:10 13:20 MAN Loganair LM2119 28/03/21-24/10/21
13:25 14:30 MAN Eastern Airways T3803 22/03/21-26/03/21
16:30 17:40 MAN Blue Islands SI1125 07/06/21-24/01/22
16:30 17:40 MAN Loganair LM2125 29/03/21-01/09/21
17:50 19:00 MAN Blue Islands SI1131 12/06/21-22/01/22
17:50 19:00 MAN Loganair LM2131 03/04/21-23/10/21
20:00 21:10 MAN Blue Islands SI1149 07/06/21-24/01/22
20:00 21:10 MAN Loganair LM2149 24/02/21-26/10/21
20:15 21:20 MAN Eastern Airways T3807 28/03/21-24/01/22
20:30 21:40 MAN Loganair LM2149 28/02/21-21/03/21

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