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Our local community

Southampton Airport is committed to minimising the impact that airport operations have on its neighbours, and to running the airport responsibly. We work closely with our local community and report on a regular basis to the Southampton Airport Consultative Committee.

Recent community projects

Bitterne Park School

The airport’s strategic partnership with Bitterne Park School includes work experience opportunities for students studying travel & tourism. The airport also provides a School Governor. In September 2017 the brand new seating area and study facility that we gifted to their new building was unveiled. The airport worked with Bitterne Park over a few months to create and deliver an area which provides a flexible space that positively supports learning and is also a great place for the pupils to relax with friends.

Marlhill Copse

Marlhill Copse is an impressive and much-loved part of Southampton’s historic and natural environment. The copse is an Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland, a Registered Park and Garden, and a valued habitat site. In August 2018 Southampton Airport purchased Marlhill Copse, in order to undertake tree management work required under European aviation legislation and designed to protect aircraft operating in the area.

As responsible owners, we have a duty of care to the community to keep the woodland a safe and accessible place for all to enjoy. As stewards of this local treasure, we want to protect and enhance the Copse so that it flourishes in the years to come.

Our vision for Marlhill Copse is to deliver a place of extraordinary biodiversity that provides a safe, sustainable, and accessible space which educates, inspires, and is prized by all. Details of our Woodland Management Plan - a long-term programme that will maintain and enhance the woodland, ensure safety and accessibility, protect and enhance special character, and support vital biodiversity – can be found via our Marlhill Copse page: