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Marlhill Copse

Southampton Airport Aerodrome Safeguarding - Marlhill Copse

Marlhill Copse - History

Marlhill Copse - Wildlife

Marlhill Copse - Plantlife

Shaping the future of Marlhill Copse

We have carefully prepared a Woodland Management Plan to detail how we will manage the copse for the next ten years. We have already carried out lots of work to enhance this ancient woodland to make it a safe, biodiverse and beautiful space for all in the community to enjoy.

The voice of the community is hugely important to us in shaping the future of the copse and we have recently completed a public consultation on the Woodland Management Plan. We want the copse to be a natural space enjoyed by all within the community that also provides education and encourages community spirit and active participation.

We will be submitting our Woodland Management Plan to the council later this summer, and will work together with the city council and local residents to ensure it meets community needs.

You can read all about the Woodland Management Plan in our online guide here.

And the full plan can be viewed here. 

Together, we can make Marlhill Copse a safe, sustainable and accessible space to educate and inspire, and for the whole community to be proud of.

Marlhill Copse

Southampton Airport purchased Marlhill Copse, the land to the south of the airport’s runway, at the end of August 2018 in order to undertake tree felling and tree height reduction work with The Forestry Commission. Because of concerns regarding the safety of some of the trees and the threat, they pose to the local community, copse management work began on October 22, 2019, carried out by specialist arborists.

Work is currently ongoing to remove five trees from the site that have been assessed by multiple expert arboriculturalists as presenting a high level of threat of failure and therefore pose a great risk to those walking or living adjacent to the copse.

Details have been posted on the public information board at the entrance of the copse. Please see a full briefing in the link below:

Marlhill Copse - Q&A (May 2020)

Further updates will be published here as the work progresses.

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact Marlhill@southamptonairport.comWe continue to work closely with local community groups to provide new and improved facilities in the copse and to ensure we return the copse in a healthier, safer, beautiful state.

An expert ecologist is on site throughout all of the tree works to ensure the protection of flora and fauna within the copse.

New forest furniture has already been created out of wood reclaimed from the copse, and we are working with local community groups to provide more including the development of a new Mosaic Way with local community group SO18 Big Local.

Images below show how the copse may look in the future.