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Carbon Neutrality and Sustainability

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Offset all CO2 Emissions

As of May 2020, all of our CO2 emissions identified in our carbon footprint are offset.

One of the first UK airports to offset all CO2 emissions

We are amongst the very first airports in the UK to offset all of our CO2 emissions, making this a tremendous achievement not just for the airport but Eastleigh, and regional transport.

Reduced carbon emissions

We have reduced our carbon emissions by nearly 80% since 2015.

Offset emissions created by passengers and staff

As well as our own emissions, we have offset those created by passengers and staff journeying to and from the airport, from the landing and take-off cycle to third-party emissions generated on site.

Continue to reduce emissions

We will continue to work with Eastleigh Borough Council to reduce our emissions and achieve Net Zero.

Jet Zero

AGS Airports is fully engaged with the Jet Zero Council and sits on the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Delivery Group. At Southampton Airport, we are committed to the UK Aviation Net Zero Action Plan, which sets out the deliverable roadmap for the UK aviation industry to reach Net Zero. Read more about the Action Plan below:

UK Aviation Net Zero Action Plan