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Welcome to Guernsey, the sunshine isle just off the coast of Normandy. Reached in just 29 super short minutes when you fly from Southampton Airport, Guernsey is perfect for short breaks, luxurious weekends and long summer holidays.

The Channel Islands enjoy more sunshine hours each year than the rest of the UK. This milder climate means that those beautiful, white sand beaches and stunning scenery are accessible even in the heart of an icy British winter.

There’s very much an outdoor lifestyle on the island, so take time to relax into island life, watch the sun go down over a plate of fresh caught seafood, try a new sport at Vazon Bay, take to the water and go seal-spotting or wander Guernsey's capital, St Peter Port. One of Britain's prettiest harbour towns, its cobbled streets house an eclectic mix of boutique, antique and craft shops.

The Channel Islands have their own stamps and currency - although British pounds are accepted - just as well when excise rates are lower than back home.

Getting there

Breeze through the terminal at Southampton Airport and fly to Guernsey with Blue Islands or Aurigny in less than half an hour.

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There are plenty of ways to get around the island. Hire a car, catch a bus, pick up something on two wheels or grab a taxi. Taxis are located just outside Arrivals or you can book your taxi in advance.

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Activities in Guernsey

Flight Schedule

Flights departing to Guernsey

Dep Arr To Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
08:25 09:10 GCI Aurigny Air Services GR653 01/09/20-01/06/21
13:05 14:00 GCI Aurigny Air Services GR655 05/09/20-29/05/21
14:15 15:00 GCI Aurigny Air Services GR657 01/07/20-31/08/20
14:20 15:00 GCI Aurigny Air Services GR655 06/09/20-30/05/21
19:45 20:40 GCI Aurigny Air Services GR659 01/09/20-01/06/21

Flights arriving from Guernsey

Dep Arr From Airline No. M T W T F S S Dates
07:10 07:55 GCI Aurigny Air Services GR652 01/09/20-01/06/21
11:50 12:35 GCI Aurigny Air Services GR654 05/09/20-29/05/21
13:00 13:45 GCI Aurigny Air Services GR656 01/07/20-31/08/20
13:05 13:50 GCI Aurigny Air Services GR654 06/09/20-30/05/21
18:30 19:15 GCI Aurigny Air Services GR658 01/09/20-01/06/21

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