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Our Pick up & Drop-Off is located undercover on the ground floor of the short stay car park. For safety reasons passengers should not be dropped off or picked up on airport roads.

Southampton Airport does not currently offer a free pick up or drop-off option or any shuttle bus connections due to the Long Stay car park closure.

See our drop off options below, for drivers wishing to wait for longer than 20 minutes, we recommend using our Short Stay car park instead which is only a 1-3 minute walk from the terminal building and can be paid at the exit barrier using credit/debit cards and contactless. Visit our Short Stay parking page for roll-up pricing.

Southampton Airport Express Drop Off

SOU - Icon - Pick up Drop off

Pick up & Drop Off

Pick up & Drop Off is available just a one-minute walk away from the main terminal in the short stay car park. Passengers who choose this option will be charged a £6 fee for 20 minutes.

When you arrive at the Pick up & Drop Off, please drive up to the barrier. Your vehicle registration will be scanned, giving you automatic access.

When exiting the Pick up & Drop Off, simply drive up to the exit barrier where payment can be made. Payment can be made using credit/debit cards, contactless technology is also in place (there is no additional fee for using cards).

Please note: Postcode accuracy on satellite navigation systems is variable. Please follow the relevant signage on arrival to the airport. Some satellite navigation systems will direct drivers onto the airport forecourt – this is a restricted area, please read the signs that will direct you to the car park.

Download a map of our car parks

Dropping off passengers in unauthorised areas creates a risk both to the safety of passengers and other road users, as well as causing congestion and disruption to traffic.

An £80.00 enforcement charge is payable by drivers who stop their vehicles to drop off and pick up passengers outside of the Short Stay and Long Stay car parks.

This charge is reduced to £50.00 if paid within 14 days.

This will be strictly enforced with cameras.

SOU - Icon - Special Assistance

Blue Badge Holders and Special Assistance

Blue Badge parking is available in the short stay car park opposite the terminal and in the long stay car park close to the shuttle bus stops A and B. Find out more about blue badge parking at Southampton Airport.

Blue Badge Pick up & Drop Off is available in the short stay car park. Passengers with a valid blue badge will receive 30 minutes free in our short stay car park. Passengers must present a valid Blue Badge to the car park office situated directly opposite the car park exit barriers to receive 30 minutes free.

Need to Book Parking Instead?

SOU - Icon - Short Stay Parking

Short Stay Parking

Located right outside the terminal, our on-site, multi-storey short stay car park is only a few minutes walk from your car to the terminal building.

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SOU - Icon - Priority Parking

Priority Parking

Our priority parking offers the utmost in ease and convenience. With only a 60 second walk to the terminal building, you can’t get any closer.

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SOU - Icon - Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet Parking

Southampton Airport Meet and Greet Parking offers the only official valet parking at Southampton Airport ensuring your car never leaves the site.

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SOU - Icon - Long Stay Parking

Long Stay Parking

*Please note: Our Long Stay car park is currently closed.