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Flying Home for Christmas: What you can take in your hand luggage

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Flying home for Christmas: what you can take in your hand luggage

Flying home for Christmas: what you can take in your hand luggage

With Christmas just around the corner, many have already bought and wrapped presents for loved ones, whilst the last minute shoppers are still wondering what to get.

No matter which bracket you fall into, we will all have one thing in common - most of us will be travelling home for Christmas whether it’s by train, driving or flying.

If you’re flying this Christmas, we understand it can be challenging and confusing to know what’s allowed and not allowed beyond the security gate – which is why Southampton Airport is here to help and take the load off an already hectic time of the year. So sit back, relax and let us do all the work.

Remember NOT to pack the below in your hand luggage

When it comes to hand luggage, the same rules still apply for liquids so none of the following festive items will make it through security;

- Beauty Advent Calendars – We know these are a staple for beauty enthusiasts this time of year, if you do have one please make sure it goes in hold luggage.

- Alcohol Advent Calendars – If you’re partial to a gin or a dram of whisky when it comes to your Christmas countdown, please note the rules for liquids remain unchanged. We advise you put it in your check-in luggage so to make sure your Christmas count-down isn’t ruined.

- Jams, Chutneys and Spreadable Cheeses – Although they’re all essential items for the obligatory Christmas cheeseboard please ensure these are still stored in hold luggage, otherwise it will be a cheesemas disaster.

- Christmas Crackers – As Christmas crackers fall under the explosive and flammable criteria of luggage you are advised not to fly with these in either hand luggage or hold luggage.

- Snow Globes – Since snow globes have liquid in them, in order to ensure safety for all passengers it’s best to stow these away in a safely packaged box with your checked-in luggage.

Leah Mehlin, Security Operations Manager at Southampton Airport, said: “With Christmas being such an exciting time for all of us, we can sometimes forget rules and regulations that are set for hand luggage.

“When travelling home for Christmas this year, passengers must ensure that they’re still adhering to the airport 100ml limit on liquids and also make sure that they wrap Christmas presents for loved ones when they reach their destination. All of the above will definitely help passengers have a smooth and safe journey when they’re reuniting with their families for this years’ festivities.”