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Be Prepared

Flying soon? Be on time, be organised, be patient

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Be Prepared

Be in the know

Make sure you check all the latest information on your destination, get insurance with ample cover for your requirements, and know the laws and customs of your destination. If you are travelling for work make sure you have a Working Visa well in advance.

Be on time

Begin your journey with enough time to ensure your experience is seamless and to avoid crowds. When deciding on the time to arrive at the airport, factor in check-in, security, and retail shopping. 

As check-in times vary between airlines, we advise to confirm the opening and closing times associated to your operator - summarised in the table below. Check-in may also be completed online, depending on the airline, please check 'Find Out More'.

Be organised

Arrange your travel to the airport previously, whether it is by car, public transportation, or other services. The airport also offers car parking services

If you opt to check-in online, print out your boarding pass or have it accessible on your mobile phone. Otherwise please refer to check-in at Southampton Airport

Once at the airport, passengers travelling with just hand luggage can head straight to airport security and begin their duty-free shopping experience. Those travelling with hold luggage, will need to check-in their bags at the appropriate check-in desk.

All passengers must go through airport security. These measures are in place to help maintain your safety. If you would like further information on security at Southampton Airport, please visit our dedicated airport security section

Around forty minutes before your flight's departure, the gate will be announced. The gates will be signposted, but they can also be found using our airport map

Be patient

Please be kind to our staff, they are working extremely hard to ensure your experience at Southampton Airport is the best one yet. If you have any questions, please refer to any nearby personnel. Special assistance can be provided for those with disabilities and mobility difficulties, find out more at our designated page

Relevant check-in information by Airline operator

Airline Check-in Opens Check-in Closes Find out More
2 hours 30 mins Aer Lingus Check-In Info
1 hour 30 mins 45 mins Aurigny Check-in Info
1 hour 30 mins Guernsey 45 mins
All others 30 mins
Blue Islands Check-in Info
2 hours 45 mins British Airways Check-in Info
1 hour 30 mins 30 mins Eastern Airways Check-in Info
2 hours 40 mins easyJet Check-in Info
2 hours 40 mins KLM Check-in Info
2 hours 40 mins Loganair Check-in Info
        3 hours 45 mins TUI Check-in Info




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