Drone information

A drone (also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV) is any aircraft that can fly without a human on board. Interest in drone flying has grown considerably in recent years as technology has developed and drones have become increasingly available for civilian use.

From the 30th of July 2018, it will be illegal to fly any drone at any height within 1km of an aerodrome without Air Traffic Control permission.

Beyond 1km from the aerodrome, the rules and regulations are dependent on a number of factors – more information can be found using the drone assist online checklist tool linked below.

Southampton Airport supports the safe and responsible use of drones and encourages all drone operators looking to fly near to the airport to use the below tool to determine the notifications/permissions required to fly in the airspace around the airport.

Drone Assist Online Checklist

Once you have completed the checklist tool, if you are required to contact the aerodrome/ATC unit, please fill out the form below and submit it to sousafeguard@southamptonairport.com.

There’s further resources and information about operating drones on the NATS Drone Portal website and anyone with any questions regarding drone operations near to Southampton Airport should contact sousafeguard@southamptonairport.com or call 02380 627383.