Students Touch Down at Southampton Airport!


Students Touch Down at  Southampton Airport!

Two Bitterne Park Sixth Form students spent a week’s work experience at Southampton Airport from the 3rd until the 7th of March. Jack Atherton and Imogen Salter were selected to spend the week at the airport following their successful interviews with the head of Human Resources at the airport.

Imogen and Jack, who study A-Level BTEC Diploma Travel & Tourism and Business Studies, had the opportunity to experience many different departments throughout the airport during their week. The students were able to visit various different departments throughout the airport, including Security, Airport Duty Manager, Airside Operations and Marketing.

Security is very important at Southampton Airport and the students were able to see the different roles that the security department have, to ensure that the airport is kept safe and secure. This is everything from the central search area to the terminal control centre.

Going airside and spending some time with the staff in the Airside Operations department was a great opportunity for the students. Whilst there, Imogen and Jack got the chance to take part in a runway inspection, which meant that they were able to walk on the runway itself. The students were also lucky enough to view inside a Flybe aircraft with one of the engineers. The tour included sitting in the cockpit and learning what some of the controls are used for.

Imogen Salter said “Being able to come and spend some time at the airport was a great opportunity for me because I have come to realise that there are so many jobs in the travel industry that I didn’t even know existed. It has opened up pathways that I may not have chosen to go down before my visit”.

Jack Atherton also added “The experience was a real learning curve for me and for my future; it has helped me discover that if you work hard you can get where you want. There are many aspects involved in travel and tourism industry which I enjoy, now I just need to find the right career for myself”.

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(this release was written by Jack Atherton and Imogen Salter themselves, during their work experience session with the Marketing and Communications team)