Southampton Airport takes on Trash Tag Challenge


Southampton Airport takes on Trash Tag Challenge

Members of staff dedicated their time yesterday (8 April) to helping members of the local community clear litter and hazardous rubbish dumped at Frogs Copse, a woodland area located right next to the airport.

Joining forces with local residents, the team collected more than ten full bags of rubbish, including golf clubs, plastic signs and pieces of carpet.

Neil Garwood, Managing Director at Southampton Airport, said: “We are proud to have organised such a positive event yesterday. The area that we focused on clearing is very often used by children as a shortcut from Bitterne Park so it is important to keep it tidy and free of hazards.

“It’s incredible how much rubbish accumulates in such a small area. We are committed to working with our community to make the areas around the airport cleaner and safer.”

The spring litter-picking was organised as part of the popular cleaning movement called Trash Tag, that encourages people to clean up the environment around them. The challenge has gained momentum all over the world and sees thousands of people picking up litter in their local communities, sharing photos of “before” and “after”.

The airport is already planning a series of other TrashTag events in the area later in spring.

If you part of a community local to the airport and have an event we can help support, please contact us by emailing