Flybe proves love really is in the air


Flybe proves love really is in the air

Research by Europe’s largest regional airline reveals the perfect places to find love – and discover pilots have the sexiest uniforms.

Having had several on board proposals over the years, hearing about couples getting engaged after meeting on board its flights and many of its current operating crew having become couples, Flybe, Europe’s largest regional airline, decided to find out if one of the best places to fall in love is actually in the air!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, more than 1,000 people across the nation were asked to share where they have found romance. 

While meeting through friends came out top (34 per cent), followed by meeting at work (22 per cent) and general socialising (21 per cent), one in six said they’d met their soulmate while travelling.

So given a choice between air, rail or road, what did they think the most romantic way of travelling was and where they were most likely to strike up a conversation with someone they had never met before? 69 per cent of respondents answered that love was most definitely in the air with flying cited  the preferred method of travel for proving one of the easiest and most comfortable situations in which to start a conversation with a fellow passenger – and fall in love.  In fact, 82 per cent of those polled said they’d seen someone when travelling on public transport that they’d like to get to know better.  And the sexiest uniform found amongst the three methods of travel? You guessed it – a whopping 97 per cent said airline pilots!

To shed some expert light on why certain situations are more likely to spark romance than others, Zelda West-Meads, agony aunt and relationship expert for The Mail on Sunday’s YOU Magazine, comments:  “If you are flying alone and someone that catches your eye sits down next to you, you know you are going to be close to them for at least an hour or so. It provides the perfect opportunity to start a conversation, and it’s a great temptation to do so. You are in a little bubble away from everything and everyone you know. You can be anonymous. So why not just see what they are like? Find out a little more about them and share some confidences. They are after all a captive audience - and you have nothing to lose.”

She adds: “Many people also meet through joint friends. The nice thing about this is it that it feels natural and easy to find out if they might be interested in a relationship.  You can find out more about them before you go out and of course this also means they are sort of ‘pre-approved’.

 “It’s also not surprising that so many people meet through work. People spend a lot of time at work, sharing the same goals, the same worries and - when a joint project is successful - the same triumphs. All of these things help to form a bond, a sense of closeness.”

Flybe aircraft all feature comfortable, two by two leather seating so, with no middle row, this makes it even easier to meet that someone special.  The airline will operate 107 routes over the upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend with a choice of up to 1, 069 flights including those to such traditionally romantic destinations such as Amsterdam, Florence, the Channel  Islands, Milan and the City of Love itself, Paris (CDG).