Campus Watch launches: keeping passengers safe ahead of summer season

Zero tolerance to disruptive behaviour


Campus Watch launches: keeping passengers safe ahead of summer season

A new initiative aimed at targeting disruptive passengers and ensuring travellers can journey in peace is being launched today (Tuesday, July 16) at Southampton Airport.

Campus Watch was first introduced in 2013 by Southampton’s sister airport in Glasgow, to tackle disruptive behaviour and ensure support and advice is provided to staff who interact with passengers on a daily basis.

Disruptive PassengersOne of the key aims of Campus Watch is early intervention. Staff and passengers across the campus are encouraged to report the details of any potential incident of disruptive behaviour to the airport’s central control room through a dedicated phone number printed on a special card carried with each employee’s ID badge.

This information, including passenger description and travel details, is shared with staff across the airport campus and a rapid response initiated.

Neil Garwood, Managing Director of Southampton Airport, said: “We are very fortunate at Southampton that we have very few incidents of disruption caused by passengers – but we take the view that one incident is too many, and we must do all we can to protect both those who travel with us and our staff. Campus Watch is a vital part of that work.

“Disruptive behaviour can disproportionately affect a large number of passengers on board an aircraft, which is why we operate a zero-tolerance approach to all disruptive behaviour.

Our Campus Watch system is effective because we work closely with our business partners, airlines, security team and Hampshire Constabulary to manage and often pre-empt incidents.

“Here at Southampton, we pride ourselves on being a happy, friendly airport and do everything we can to make the passenger experience really enjoyable, making the best of our ‘breeze through’ facilities and fast transit time. We do not want anything to spoil that.

“Campus Watch sends a clear message to what remains a small minority of people acting in a disruptive manner we take a zero-tolerance approach to unacceptable behaviour.”

Disruptive behaviour can cover a broad range of offences, but if the incident is alcohol-related the passenger involved will be refused service across all retail and catering outlets and gate staff will be notified in advance.

From this week, passengers will see new Campus Watch awareness banners and posters displayed across the airport

Sergeant Liz Barton, who leads the airport police liaison team, said:

“Disruptive behaviour can cause worry, concern and misery for a large number of passengers, particularly if the incident occurs onboard an aircraft.

“By creating a single point of contact with Campus Watch and delivering consistent messaging and regular training, staff employed across the airport work together to tackle disruptive behaviour as soon as it becomes an issue.

“It sends a clear message and reminds passengers that they are ultimately responsible for behaving in an appropriate way when travelling through the airport.”