Walk the floor with... Jem Edmunds


Walk the floor with... Jem Edmunds

Are you interested to know what happens behind the scenes of your favourite airport? We asked Jeremy Edmunds, Airport Duty Manager, to share with us a typical day in his job and some inside stories about airport operations.

What does your day-to-day job involve?

I work with all the departments within the airport to ensure great customer experience and driving performance whilst maintaining compliance. Basically, I solve the problems that can’t be predicted or aren’t in contingency plans. If the team don’t know the answer, then the answer is to call the ADM!

What is your favourite part of being an Airport Duty Manager?

The variety…no two days are the same.

What do you love about working at Southampton Airport (SOU)?

There is no better feeling than knowing our customers have had a great experience through the airport. This means the day has been a success.

What made you decide to become an ADM?

I love problem solving. As an ADM you need to be well versed in all the rules and regulations that surround us, but also know how to flex these to achieve our goals.

Weirdest ADM experience?

Being called to the baggage reclaim as a squirrel was running around it…it was like a hamster on a wheel!

Strangest thing a passenger has asked you?

Kate Winslet asked me to fit her child seat.

If you weren't an ADM what would you do?

Probably work in hospitality and corporate events.

Most famous person you have met whilst at work at SOU?

I’ve met a lot including sportsmen Paul McGinley and Graeme Souness but the most fascinating person has to be Lawrie McMenemy. We chatted for about an hour about being Saints manager, Chairman of Special Olympics UK and meeting Muhammad Ali.

Favourite aircraft?

I liked the BAE 146’s that used to operate from SOU and loved the Vulcan on the rare occasion it used to fly past (not so quietly!). But my all-time favourite would have to be the Spitfire especially as I was lucky enough to sit in one.

What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Spending time with my wonderful family (and playing golf!!).