Titanic tour of the UK and Ireland


Titanic tour of the UK and Ireland

Everybody knows the tragic story of the Titanic and Southampton played a key part in this story being the place she departed from on her maiden voyage and home to many of the vessel’s staff and crew. As well as Southampton, other locations across the UK and Ireland feature in the story of the Titanic, all of which you can reach from Southampton Airport. Here is our Titanic tour of the UK and Ireland, perfect for any enthusiast.

Old photos from Titanic. Crew on deck, passengers on deck and people waving goodbye to ship


Adults and children inside museum looking at model shipsThe loss to the city of Southampton as a result of Titanic’s sinking was greater than anywhere else with more than 500 households in the city losing a family member. Find out more about Titanic and the people of Southampton at the SeaCity Museum. Learn about the crew and staff who worked on Titanic and the jobs they did, hear survivor testimonies of the sequence of events from when the ship struck the iceberg through to the sinking and witness the British Inquiry with a great court room re-creation and audio visual show.


Memorial in park with trees surroundingAfter this you can walk the Titanic Trail and visit the important Titanic sites across Southampton. View the many memorials to the staff and crew who came from Southampton and see the former Southampton headquarters of White Star Line. You’ll also see the former first class hotel where some of the Titanic’s wealthier passengers including Thomas Andrews and J Bruce Ismay spent the night before the voyage. Don’t miss Ocean Dock (then called White Star Dock) where the Titanic departed from.

Liverpool (fly to Manchester)

The back of model ship with words "Titanic Liverpool"Although Titanic never visited Liverpool this is where the luxury liner was registered. The main New York service sailed from Liverpool until 1907 when it moved to Southampton and at least 90 members of the Titanic’s crew were from Merseyside or had close links with the area. James Street in Liverpool was home to the head office of Titanic’s managing company White Star Line. Find out more about Liverpool and the Titanic at the Merseyside Maritime Museum


Edwardian style furniture in room with screen showing lady in Edwardian dressBelfast was where the Titanic was designed and built and there are lots of great sites to take in here! Follow the trail from the Titanic Memorial Garden at Belfast City Hall through to the Titanic Quarter where you can see the SS Nomadic, tender to the Titanic and the last remaining White Star Line ship in the world. You’ll also see the Harland & Wolff Drawing Offices, Titanic & Olympic’s slipways, Titanic’s Dock & Pump house and finish at the fantastic Titanic Belfast.

Titanic Belfast is the world’s largest Titanic visitor experience and tells the story of Titanic from conception in Belfast in the early 1900s through to construction, launch and her tragic end.


Black and white photo of small boats docked at pierCobh (then called Queenstown) the main cruise port in Cork Harbour was the last place people boarded the Titanic. The former White Star Line Ticket office building in Cobh is now the location of attraction Titanic Experience Cobh. This great attraction tells the story of the 123 passengers who boarded the Titanic in Cobh, on entering the museum you receive a boarding card in one of the passenger’s names and will learn their fate at the end. You’ll board the tenders which took the passengers out to meet the Titanic through a virtual journey, see what life on board was like and witness the tragic sinking through a unique cinematographic experience.

Photo showing White Star Line ticket, wooden Titanic advert and black and white photo of boy holding newspaper