The Year of the ‘appy Traveller


The Year of the ‘appy Traveller

Making passengers lives as easy as possible is very important to us at Southampton Airport, we aim to make your journey as easy, fast and friendly as possible so we asked guest blogger Rowena Moore to find us the best travel apps available. 

Making passengers lives as easy as possible is very important to us at Southampton Airport, we aim to make your journey as easy, fast and friendly as possible so we asked guest blogger Rowena Moore to find us the best travel apps available. 

“I was fortunate enough to travel the world in my early 20s and discover many amazing and inspirational places. I remember standing in awe at the centre of the Golden Gate Bridge; the explosion of senses in the Marrekesh Souks and the spectacular white sands lapped by crystal clear waters of the unspoilt Thai coves.  I also remember (rather less fondly) the endless grunts and grumbles from lugging my cumbersome backpack; (more like head-to-butt-pack) bursting at the seams with a camera, 20 rolls of film, a Walkman, brick sized guide books and countless print outs of maps, directions, itineraries and booking confirmations.

Fast forward to 2014 and such grumbles are thing of the past thanks to the Smartphone and a plethora of clever travel apps.  With a never ending choice of apps available, these tools are no longer just extremely useful but enhance any travel experience.

Here are a few favourites to help you breeze through your planning and journey.”

Book: Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a super easy to use flight, hotel and car rental comparison site.  Choose your date and destination and the app will search millions of flights in mere seconds, find the cheapest fare and allow you to book it directly. If you’re looking for inspiration, spin the globe and Skyscanner will reveal the cheapest to reach destinations. Free on Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices.

Organise: Tripit

Tripit is your own virtual travel secretary and an efficient one at that.  It automatically searches  your email accounts; locates and grabs all your flight, hotel and car rental confirmations and creates one neat, chronological itinerary which can be accessed on a smartphone, calendar or online. Free on Apple, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices.

Pack: Packing Pro

Trainers or stilettos? Thermals or bikini?  Just tell Packing Pro your chosen destination and the app will make an extensive list of precisely what you need.  Providing comprehensive checklists by category (essentials, gadgets, clothes) and for individuals (Baby, Gran, the Dog) the app is particularly popular with the absent-minded, families and frequent travellers.  £1.99 on Apple mobile devices.

Travel: Flybe Uncovered

Nominated as ‘Customer Magazine of the Year’ by both of the UK’s leading publishing industry bodies – the PPA and APA, Flybe Uncovered brings you the latest celebrity interviews and news from the world of fashion, food, cinema, business and books.  Published every two months you can download the latest issue to your mobile device, even when not in the air, making it the perfect pastime for train, plane and car journeys. Free on Apple mobile devices.

Discover: Around Me

You’re in an unfamiliar city, don’t speak the lingo but desperately need an ATM, petrol station or hotel.  No need for a magic lamp, the genie is in your pocket.  Simply open Around Me and the app detects your location and displays the nearest points of interest.  Free on Apple, Android and windows mobile devices.

Sightsee: Tripadvisor

With more than 170 million reviews covering over 4 million businesses Tripadvisor is the World’s largest online Travel community.   Admittedly, some of the more outlandish reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt but overall the app provides the most extensive collection of maps, opinions and self-guided tours.  Be sure to download the feature packed, offline city guides before leaving home or at your hotel (if free Wifi is available) to avoid high roaming fees when abroad.  Free on Apple and Android devices.

Eat: Foodspotting

Foodspotting distinguishes itself from other run-of-the-mill restaurant guides by focusing on specific dishes rather than the dining experience as a whole.  So whether you’re gunning for Goulash or mad for Moussaka, the app will provide a visual guide of your chosen dish and tell you where to find it nearby.  Free on Apple, Android and Windows mobile devices.

Convert: XE Currency Converter

This app does exactly what it says on the tin – converts currency.  It uses live rates for every world currency making it one of the most accurate apps available.  If you happen to be travelling where Wifi is limited, the offline converter tool is extremely useful. Free on Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices.

Share: Postagram

Share your moment by transforming your travel snaps in to real and personalised postcards in a few clicks.  Simply upload an image from Instagram/Facebook or take a new image via the app/your smartphone, add a message, publish and send.  It’s that easy.  Your glossy, personalised postcard will drop through the recipient’s letter box in a matter of days. No more messing around with stamps or searching for a post box.   Free on Apple and Android mobile devices ($0.99 fee per postcard sent).