The Channel Islands - a collection oh so different!


The Channel Islands - a collection oh so different!

The unspoilt isles of Guernsey and Alderney are just a short hop away from Southampton Airport with multiple flights a day with Aurigny. Within 30minutes, you can be relaxing in the majestic charm of the Channel Islands, each offering their own unique character. Read on…

Magnetic Guernsey

Population: 63,000 (2014) - Size: 24 square miles (9 miles long x 3 miles wide) -  Enjoy Guernsey in less than 30 minutes, around 30 times a week

• Guernsey wasn’t always an island; due to rising sea levels it separated from France around 6000 BC.

• Les Misérables was written by Victor Hugo whilst living on the island.

• The average life span in Guernsey is 82 years, ranking it 8th highest in the world!

• Spring actually arrives four weeks earlier in Guernsey than on the mainland which allows some unique and very beautiful flora to grow.

Don’t miss the food festival: 1st Oct – 11th Nov 2016

Guernsey is a food lover’s paradise and in the autumn, you can sample the delights of the local produce at the Tennerfest – a celebration of the very best island food for a fixed price. More than 170 restaurants take part across the Channel Islands, 75 in Guernsey alone! Devour freshly-caught seafood, try local specialities and artisan cheeses or tuck into favourites including bangers and mash.

Remote Alderney

Population: 2,400 (2014) - Size: 3 square miles (3 miles long x 1.5 miles wide) -  Fly to Alderney – 20 times a week

• There are no traffic lights, roundabouts or traffic jams and the speed limit is only 35 mph.

• Famous residents have been author Elizabeth Beresford (the Wombles), cricketer Ian Botham, Beatles producer George Martin, actress Julie Andrews and swimmer Duncan Goodhew.

• The Islanders are traditionally known as ‘Lapins’ as there are so many rabbits on the island.

• It’s a paradise for bird lovers with over 7000 Northern Gannet pairs resident in two breeding colonies immediately offshore, totalling approximately 2% of the world population.

Wildlife haven

Alderney is a haven for flora and fauna. It is a designated Ramsar site (wetland of international importance) where you can catch a glimpse of fascinating birds and animals, many of which are strangers to mainland Britain. The powerful tides and warm waters create diverse marine life and the mild climate make wild flowers grow in abundance.

The Channel Islands are officially the sunniest place in the British Isles so enjoy an autumn break…what are you waiting for?!

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