Hints, Tips and Advice for Drone Users this Christmas


Hints, Tips and Advice for Drone Users this Christmas

Drones are estimated to be one of the top 5 gifts this Christmas so it is very important to know the rules and regulations around their usage. The CAA and NATS have worked together to create Dronesafe, a website full of information on how you should use your drone. Please check out the Drone Code and make sure you are following it at all times!

Be Drone Safe

Always keep your drone in sight - This means you can see and avoid other things while flying

Stay below 400ft (120m) to comply with the dronecode - This reduces the likelihood of a conflict with manned aircraft

Be Drone Aware

Every time you fly your drone you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions - Keep your drone, and the people around you, safe

Keep the right distance from people and property - 150m 50m People and properties, 150ft (50m) Crowds and built up areas, 500ft (150m) and don’t overfly

Be Drone Legal

You are responsible for each flight - Legal responsibility lies with you Failure to fly responsibly could result in criminal prosecution

Stay well away from aircraft, airports and airfields - If your drone endangers the safety of an aircraft it is a criminal offence and you could go to prison for five years.

For more information visit the Drone Safe website here.


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