Experience the welcoming scent of Spring


Experience the welcoming scent of Spring

After the long dark nights of winter, the arrival of spring is eagerly anticipated by all. Spring’s longer days and warmer temperatures are the perfect time to explore neighbouring cities so why not immerse yourself in the beauty of the season and experience the host of spectacular natural sights and scents of Amsterdam, Lyon or Paris.


Blossoming Amsterdam

Spring is unquestionably the most beautiful time of year to visit Amsterdam. The annual carpet of richly coloured tulips burst into bloom and the lush, tree-lined canal banks welcome every visitor. Whilst the city’s flora paints a colourful canvas, nothing beats a trip to Holland’s world famous flower strip or bollenstreek so head to Keukenhof Gardens between March and May for the best blooms.

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Paris in bloom

You can really tell spring has arrived in Paris when every outdoor table of every bistro, café and restaurant in the city is full with people enjoying their first meal outside in the sun; when you can still feel the warmth in the air past 5pm and when all the balconies, windows and gardens in the city fill up with new plants and flowers.

Paris in the spring really is magical. Join the Parisians and relax on a bench beneath pink cherry blossoms in the Seine-side garden of Square Jean XXIII. Gallivant along the quaint roads with artisanal boutiques in the Marais or stroll along the 4.5km long leafy towpaths of the tranquil Canal St-Martin in north-eastern Paris.

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The beautiful buds of Lyon

Enjoy the natural beauty of Lyons parks and rivers and where a walk, without the winter jacket, is the perfect opportunity to experience Les prémices du printemps (the first signs of spring). Witness daisies, snowdrops, crocuses and primroses popping up and the beautiful blooms of early daffodils poking through the grass of Parc de la Tete d’Or, Fourviere Hill, the Jardin Rosa Mir and Le Jardin des Chartreux.

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