Dotty for Dinosaurs?

Return to the Mezozoic Era in South East England this summer


Dotty for Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs have long captivated the imagination of both children and grown-ups alike.  This summer the South East of England returns to the Mesozoic Era with a host of fun and interactive dinosaur related activities enabling Dino-maniacs to discover more about these gentle giants and fierce predators.

Dino Encounter at SeaCity Museum Southampton

13 June – 27 September 2015 

Come face to face with some of history’s most fearsome beasts at SeaCity Museum, Southampton.  Be greeted by moving dinosaurs, discover more about man’s obsession with these gigantic creatures and uncover how new techniques are helping us understand more about the mighty dinosaurs.  With interactive exhibits the show will delight the whole the family and fire your imagination beyond belief.

Fossils Rock at Winchester Cathedral

23 May to 1 November 2015

A brand new family trail will lead you through Winchester Cathedral to discover the stories within the stones. The Cathedral is nearly 1000 years but the stone used to build it is millions of years old, created during a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Interactive and hands-on, it is the perfect opportunity to ‘find and feel’ the Cathedral’s ancient history!

Dinosaur Isle on the Isle of Wight

Dinosaur Isle is Britain's original dinosaur attraction where - in a recreated landscape and spectacularly shaped building reminiscent of a Pterosaur flying across the cretaceous skies - you will meet life sized models of the Isle of Wight's famous five dinosaurs – Neovenator, Eotyrannus, Iguanodon, Hypsilophodon and Polacanthus.  Take charge of the robotic dinosaur during your visit and follow in the footsteps of these beasts on one of the Museum’s family fossil walks along the beach.

New Arrivals in Restricted Area 5 at Blackgang Chine on the Isle of Wight

Also on the Isle of Wight, Blackgang Chine’s Restricted Area 5 welcomes new arrivals this season; a family of Triceratops.  Explore the high security enclosure and get up close and personal with dinosaurs of all types including an Argentinosaurus, bigger than a double decker bus and one of the largest animatronic T-Rex in the country.

Dinos in your Garden, Gosport Museum

Oct 10 2015 to Dec 5 2015, 

Discover how large meat-eating dinosaurs evolved into modern birds, their nearest living relatives.

Examine feathers, claws, teeth, eggs and footprints in this exciting exhibition and you’ll never look at a magpie the same way again.