Discover Dusseldorf - where business and culture meet


Discover Dusseldorf - where business and culture meet

Developed from a small riverside village into an important international business hub, Dusseldorf is ranked as one of the Europe’s most popular destinations for foreign direct investment – overtaking Paris, but slightly treading behind London. Thanks to its high quality of life and moderate living costs, this city on the Rhine has become a magnet for international companies, with the local government actively promoting entrepreneurship and supporting start-ups. However, with a lot of focus on its business aspect a lot of people overlook Dusseldorf as Europe’s cultural gem. So buckle up and let us whisk you away to the German “designer” city full of history, fashion and art.

Our first stop would be the tallest building in Dusseldorf – the Rheinturm or The Rhine Tower. Built in 1981, the 240.5 metres high TV and radio tower allows its visitors to get a 360° view of the city. Why not combine the breath-taking view with a nice meal at the restaurant located at the very top? Our jaws dropped when we learned that it revolves on its axis, but in opposite directions in the morning and the afternoon than in the evening! Want to learn another hidden fact? For space reasons the kitchen is located at the basement of the tower and is connected to the restaurant via a dedicated elevator. You are welcome!

If conquering tall buildings is not on your list, then the tower has something else to offer – it houses the world’s largest digital clock in the world. Designed by Horst. H. Baumann, this light sculpture is located on the shaft of the tower and has a lot of people puzzled as how to read it. We will leave this mystery for you to solve!

Our next stop would definitely be Dusseldorf’s old town. Half a square kilometre of bars, pubs, brewery taverns, cocktail lounges and clubs, this place is known as the “longest bar in the world”. It is there that you will be invited to test the famous Altbier and Killepitsch, Dusserdorf’s own beer and berry liquor respectively. If you’d love to let your hair down and explore local venues, then we’d definitely recommend you to spend more than one evening in this area.

We’ve almost forgotten to mention that Dusseldorf is the byword for luxury and high-end lifestyle thanks to Königsallee or Kö, as it is called by locals. This kilometre long shopping boulevard is beautifully decorated with plane trees, has a canal running in the middle, and contains every single designer name under the sun to make sure you don’t leave without an extra bag or extra pair of sunglasses. You know, for that summer garden party at Charlotte’s?

Prefer art to shopping any day? Then plan your trip to the Kunstammlung museum with more than 10,000m2 exhibition space ranging from Classical Modernism to American Pop Art. And of course you can’t miss the Medienhafen, the renovated port area, which showcases the finest examples of modern architecture designed by such famous names as Frank O. Gehry and David Chipperfield. If you fancy something else, the beautiful cultural hub of Cologne is only half-hour train ride away!

Have we picked your interest? Then don’t take our word for it and explore this magnificent city yourself!

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