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Your journey may take a little bit longer and you should allow for this but the walking distances have not changed. If you are unable to queue or stand for long periods then just let our assistance staff know.

For further information on COVID-19 measures whilst at the airport please see how we are helping passengers to travel safely.

If you require any further advice on special assistance whilst travelling at the airport please contact our Special Assistance service provider.

  • Special Assistance

Special Assistance

Is Southampton Airport still offering the PRM assistance service?

Yes, we are still offering the same service to our passengers and you can expect the same help throughout your entire journey as before. Our teams have put additional measures in place in line with current government guidelines and best practice, to ensure that you are safe and comfortable when travelling through the airport. We also aim to minimise any impact on the passenger journey wherever possible. We have introduced additional hygiene measures and ensured that all equipment is sanitised on every use and all our staff have been issued with protective equipment and training. All these additional measures are in place to ensure that both you and our team continue to remain safe.

I require additional help in and out of my seat and within the aircraft. Will I still receive this help?

Yes, our team will try and minimise personal contact where possible and if needed we have additional PPE that allows us to help in this assistance as before. This ensures that both you and our team remain safe.

Do I need to arrive at the airport earlier?

There is currently no need to arrive earlier than before and we still advise all passengers who require assistance to be at the airport at least two hours prior to your scheduled flight departure time.

Is hand sanitiser available?

There are hand sanitiser stations in place throughout the airport and at all key touch points throughout the passenger route. Our assistance staff also have hand sanitizer with them and maintain good hygiene at all times. You can also purchase face masks in some of the airport vending machines.

Do staff where masks, visors, or gloves?

All our staff wear masks or face coverings and it is compulsory in England for everyone do so within the airport buildings. There are exemptions for those who have medical reasons that prevent this. Where close contact with a passenger is required additional measures will be taken by staff which includes the use of gloves, face shield and use of a disposable apron where appropriate.

Are wheelchairs being cleaned between each use?

All our wheelchairs are cleaned for every use. Additionally, each night they are treated with a long-acting sanitiser which is designed to last more than the 24hr period. All our vehicles are also treated with a long-lasting treatment designed to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

I am hearing impaired and use lip reading. Are staff able to remove their mask?

Yes. Most of our main passenger interaction points are protected by Perspex screens. This includes the Special Assistance host desk, check-in desks, security boarding card checks and gate checks. There are signs in place at the information point to inform passengers that you are able to ask any member of staff to remove their face covering to allow you to lip read while still keeping everyone safe. Our team who are assisting you can also wear a clear face shield in place of a mask when assisting you as an alternative.

Is there a seating area where I can wait to be assisted and still maintain social distancing?

We have plenty of space within our reserved seating area at check-in to ensure that you are able to social distance when waiting for any assistance for your flight.

Is the use of Hidden Disability lanyards still in place?

Yes, and if you need one for your journey just let one of our staff members know at the Special Assistance desk and we will be happy to provide one.

My journey plans have changed at the last minute. Will I still be able to obtain assistance?

We understand that plans change and in particular, under the current restrictions. You should still contact your airline as soon as possible to request the assistance so that it can be pre-booked but we will still offer assistance on arrival if this has not to be done but you may need to wait a little bit longer.

We still advise all passengers who require assistance to be at the airport at least two hours prior to their scheduled flight departure time.

Who do I contact if I still have additional questions?

If you still have an unanswered question about the Special Assistance service, you can contact our service provider using the details below for more information on how we can help you ensure you have a safe and smooth visit and start to your journey.

For Reduced Mobility Assistance queries please contact: 07458129739

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