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Time Flight no. Arriving from Status
10:10 BE142 Newcastle Landed 1138 Save flight
10:30 BE1012 Amsterdam Landed 1144 Save flight
10:35 BE763 Edinburgh Landed 1212 Save flight
11:50 BE6366 Jersey Landed 1141 Save flight
12:05 BE765 Edinburgh Landed 1201 Save flight
12:05 BE883 Glasgow Expected 1450 Save flight
13:45 BE866 Manchester Scheduled Save flight
13:55 BE6324 Guernsey Expected 1343 Save flight
14:00 BE384 Dublin Expected 1353 Save flight
14:00 BE144 Newcastle Scheduled Save flight
14:30 BE6374 Jersey Scheduled Save flight
14:50 BE887 Glasgow Scheduled Save flight
15:20 BE396 Dublin Scheduled Save flight
16:15 BE769 Edinburgh Scheduled Save flight
16:20 EI3740 Cork Scheduled Save flight

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Time Flight no. Departing to Status
10:55 BE143 Newcastle Departed 1240 Save flight
11:20 BE886 Glasgow Departed 1248 Save flight
11:20 AF6412 Glasgow Departed 1248 Save flight
12:10 BE395 Dublin Departed 1219 Save flight
12:20 BE6367 Jersey Departed 1233 Save flight
12:40 BE884 Glasgow Cancelled - please contact airline Save flight
12:50 BE766 Edinburgh Departed 1311 Save flight
14:00 BE984 Belfast City Gate Open Save flight
14:20 BE1015 Amsterdam Scheduled Save flight
14:20 EY6122 Amsterdam Scheduled Save flight
14:25 BE6325 Guernsey Scheduled Save flight
14:45 BE3035 Paris - C D G Scheduled Save flight
14:50 BE385 Dublin Scheduled Save flight
14:55 BE869 Manchester Scheduled Save flight
14:55 AY8552 Manchester Scheduled Save flight

Last updated on 18/03/2019 at 13:25

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Arrivals & departures status information

On time

Will display if the flight is on time within certain time parameters


Displayed when a flight has an estimated arrival time

Next info

When a flight is off schedule and more information can be expected at the time stated


Destination airport will be displayed if the flight has been diverted elsewhere


Displayed when a flight is delayed and there is currently not an estimated arrival time

On approach

Displayed when the flight is on final approach


The actual time at which the flight landed.

Baggage in hall

Will display when the first bag has been placed on the baggage carousel


Flight has been cancelled.

Check in open

Check in for the flight is open

Go to departures

Please proceed through security to the departure lounge

Relax & wait

Displayed when a flight has a scheduled time of departure

Please wait

Flight has a not met its scheduled departure time and is delayed by a certain amount of time


Aircraft movement scheduled for that time


Displayed when a flight is delayed and there is currently not an estimated departure time

Next info

No confirmation of departure time, awaiting information

Departure due

When a flight has missed its scheduled time by more than 30 minutes of departure but has an estimated time

Gate change

The gate originally assigned has now been changed

Gate open

Boarding process has commenced


Boarding of passengers has now commenced

Gate closing

This will flash on the screen in conjunction with “Final Call”

Final call

Boarding is close to completion

Gate closed

Boarding is now complete and no more passengers may board


Aircraft is in the air


Displays the time the flight actually departed


Flight has been cancelled