Flight time: 1 hour*

Average temperatures: 5 to 20°C

Currency: Euro (‎€)

Time: GMT +1 hour

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Bienvenue to Paris, the charming French capital city. Its famous buildings, famous shops, famous hotels and fabled restaurants – it’s impossible not to fall in love with Paris. Whatever time of year you visit, from springtime to Christmas - breeze through the terminal at Southampton airport and you’ll be in the city of light in less than an hour.

From Sunday flea markets to boat trips on the Seine, city summer days to kicking leaves by the carousel in the Tuileries, Paris has something for every visitor - and surprisingly - every budget. Discover secret local markets, join the queues for the Mona Lisa, grab a baguette and watch the world go by in one of the city’s squares, or indulge in the finest French cuisine at 3-star restaurants.

Whatever you’re planning to do – from a bus tour, bike tour or your own two feet, Paris is a big city that’s always changing – which means you’ll only ever scratch the surface. But that’s fine. Choose your poison - art, buildings, museums, shopping, sightseeing, eating, drinking, meandering – and plan or book well ahead. Paris is a city just waiting to be discovered.

Getting there

Flybe and Air France take you from Southampton Airport to Paris Charles De Gaulle.

Transport from Charles de Gaulle Airport

The quickest and easiest way to get from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport to the centre of Paris is by train which takes about 35 minutes. Buses to the city centre take from 60 minutes.

Driving in central Paris is indeed a nightmare, but if you really have to, or your journey ends elsewhere, hire a car. There are plenty of taxis too – as a general rule it’s about 39 euros from the airport to Notre Dame.

Top things to see and do

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*All flight times are average and will vary.