Lapland (winter only)

Welcome to Lapland, or, as the locals say, tervetuloa! Finnish Lapland is just as captivating for a winter getaway as the storybooks imagine. Located in the Arctic Circle, it’s home to Santa Claus, his reindeer, elves, enchanted forests and mountains of snow. Visit this winter wonderland and there’s always something magical to do and see. What’s more, because it’s only a few hours away by plane, sled, or Santa’s sleigh, Finnish Lapland is perfect for a day trip too - and the kids will love it.

With sleigh rides, snow-capped peaks to toboggan down, igloos to explore and dog-sledding with Husky’s, Lapland is pure heaven for adventure lovers. Where else can you meet Santa and his reindeer? Kick off your festive season with a massive ho ho ho and get exploring this December, we’ve rounded up the pick of our favourite seasonal getaways, straight from Southampton airport.

Tours to Lapland

Santa's Lapland

Santa’s Magic 3 days/2 nights trip where the race to find Santa in his forest home is on. There are marvelous opportunities to enjoy the snow in your thermal oversuit and boots - from ice fishing and sleigh rides to exploring igloos and ice sculptures with the Elves! Departs Tuesday 13th December 2016 with Santa's Lapland.


Winter Wonderland Day trip will have you whizzing through the snow to find Santa’s cabin, pulled by your very own team of Husky’s. Meet Santa and enjoy a fab home-cooked lunch – and be home for supper! Departing 10th December 2016 with Transun.

Canterbury Travel

For a mystical arctic adventure, Canterbury Travel has two day trips this December. The Enchanting Lapland Day Trip will whisk you off by sleigh, get you exploring a snow igloo and all sorts of artic activities for those who love fun in the white stuff, including the chance to drive a snowmobile and meet Santa in his forest! Departs on 20th December 2016 with Canterbury Travel.